The Importance of Groundworks on a Building Project in Aberdeenshire

It is crucial to maintain the groundwork health in Aberdeenshire before building something in that place. Groundwork is the testing of the land where a building or home is to be constructed. The Groundwork in Aberdeenshire is crucial before implementing any process, as we know ground itself serves as the foundation and is where the weight of the building is going to rely upon. 

When is Groundwork Required? 

The builder estimates and measures the groundwork to make sure that they can start working upon it. Depending on the project, you may need a new foundation or a foundation replacement. The foundation sometimes is also designed to enhance the building's looks. Some of the main groundwork  Aberdeenshire works are as follows:

  • Driveways

  • Flagging

  • Drainage systems

  • Block flooring

  • Excavations

  • Footings

  • Beam flooring

  • Concrete surface

  • Piling

The Stages of Construction

A good construction project will certainly have some particular sets of a plan before execution. The stages work together in order to ger a stable and final structure. These stages ensure that everything runs smoothly and properly. The only challenge that groundworks face is the destruction of pre-existing structures to make a passage for the new project. Mainly two main types of stages are involved in the construction process.

  1. Ground investigation: 

As a legal requirement and matter of good practice for the authorities, a ground investigation of the site is mostly carried out. This also helps to identify problems, past land uses, and stability levels. It highlights all the defects that should be considered immediately. An evaluation of ground conditions typically includes geology, hydrology,  soil conditions, and infected land issues. With proper information on these issues, proper treatments will be carried out before any structural work commences. 

  1. Site Clearance:

Next comes the second part, show clearance Aberdeenshire. Well, this is the part of the initial preparatory works where the site will usually need to get cleared. The topsoil is taken up from the footprint of the structure. Depth depends on whether the site has a slope and on the lay of the land. If sloped then the site needs to be leveled and retaining walls will be constructed to create level development platforms. 

The Bottom Line

Always choose a fully certified contractor who has years of experience in groundwork. They should also have enough knowledge about draining systems, foundation work, excavation, and demolition. You know that Groundwork in Aberdeenshire is quite an important factor of a construction project. Meet multiple contractors, get all the details, and choose the one that suits all your requirements properly. 


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